Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doctor Who Series 7 Countdown

We are only one month away from Doctor Who series 7 part 2. And this time I'm armed (pardon the pun) with my own TARDIS, my new tattoo. I'm really looking forward to these 8 episodes for many reasons. I love the new TARDIS interior, and we have been promised to see more of the interior than ever before. I can hardly wait to see how the Clara character plays out, and speaking of, I love Jenna-Louise as the new companion. I'm looking forward to Neil Gaiman's take on my favorite baddie, the Cybermen. Then there's the return of the Ice Warriors. Well, an Ice Warrior, in a submarine. Most definitely my highest anticipation is for the 50th anniversary. 

It was rumored for a while that there was only one 60 minutes special for the anniversary. There were also rumors that the show would end, or if it survived Steven Moffat and Matt Smith would be leaving. In interviews with Jenna-Louise and Steven Moffat we know Steven is indeed working on more than one 50th special and on series 8 and Jenna-Louise will continue through this years' Christmas special (also confirmed by Moffat) and into the next series. Rather cryptically for my taste, when asked how long Matt Smith would play the Doctor, Moffat said "Forever". I know he wasn't being literal, but hopefully he was being sincere and not just philosophizing that once they are the Doctor they will always be the Doctor. 

Now that the awards season is over (19 movies watched, whew) I can prepare by watching the first half of the series and the Christmas special: "The Snowmen." Blogging about Doctor Who is new to me, but I have never gotten as many views as I have since my previous posts on the show. So I am going to post a review on each of the 6 episodes. Hopefully I will find other things to blog about, as I have in the past, but write what you know and love, amiright? 

If I'm going to do any amount of writing on the show I should say a couple of things. Firstly, I consider the source when I read "facts" about the show or actors and would not post anything here I wasn't 100% sure was true, or else stated simply that they were just rumors. Secondly, SPOILERS. I can't keep away from them. I try, and I even did pretty well for the first half of the series. If I did get to the point, though, where I do share spoilers I will mark it in the title so it can be your choice. 

So that's it until I watch "Asylum of the Daleks" or have another subject to blog about. I'm going to challenge myself for the 31 days remaining until the show returns. For each Doctor Who post I'm going to post a regular post. More of an experiment, I guess. To the test tubes!

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