Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor Who: Deep Breath - Controversies & Mysteries

     Doctor Who came back last weekend with series 8 and a new Doctor. Their task was to meet some very high expectations, and to smash some very low ones. To me they succeeded in both. I hope today I will do a full review of the episode because there are so many things to discuss. I think it was one of Moffat's best, as well as one of the best Doctor introductions. There always felt like there was a separation between the classic show and the new one, despite obvious exceptions like the Daleks. At first I thought I was enjoying a seamless blend of the two, but in actuality it was a whole new show that was drawing strongly from both eras, all while breaking new ground.

     Like I said, I'm going to do a review, but there are a few things that merit separate discussion. Two controversies and a mystery.First I'm going to tackle the mystery of Missy.

     We were told Missy would be coming in the finale episodes. She was described as the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. What we didn't know is she would pop up at the end of Deep Breath. Sound familiar? We knew Rose was coming in series four, not that she would have a cameo in Partners in Crime. We knew Clara was coming, but not in Asylum of the Daleks. We know now that Rose was bouncing, trying to find the Doctor. We know that was an echo of Clara in the asylum. Missy welcomed the clockwork man to "heaven", first describing in terms he could understand. Nethersphere, heaven? The finale is titled Death In Heaven. Who is she?

     I've seen lots of speculation. The Rani, The Master, The TARDIS, Clara somehow. It's the referring to the Doctor as her boyfriend that's interesting here. She said it was hard to see whether the Doctor pushed him or he jumped. Where was she? Heaven? I don't think it's River, and there isn't much information so my current thoughts are that she is a new character.

     Did he or didn't he....

     The first controversy is whether or not The Doctor killed the clockwork man. I struggled back and forth about this, figuring we will probably see what happened at some point. It wouldn't bother me if he did. Just in the past couple of days I kind of changed my mind, thanks to my niece, Andrea. She pointed out that while the Doctor said one of them was lying, we also know for sure he has killed. Remember Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, for one? It will be interesting to see how this whole possible shift in the perception of The Doctor's morality plays out.

Finally I want to try and be as brief as possible when I talk about the other controversy, the "kiss." So much has been made about a homosexual kiss happening between Vastra and Jenny and with full disclosure that I am a gay man, that doesn't even matter because what I have to say is that you're all a bunch of freaking idiots. One moron posted a comment on another site that she didn't see why they needed to give an explanation about the kiss, the lung reserves and sharing of air, and just have the kiss. Um,  I have an answer for you, stupid. Because it wasn't a fucking kiss! They said all of that about the air reserves because Jenny was desperate for air. That's what it was about. Why the hell would she kiss her when she's starving for air? I don't care what it looked like. Have you ever seen what it looks like when a homoreptilia transfers air to a human? I didn't think so.

I want you to turn to your hypothetical partner and hold your breath for about a minute. then have your partner take air into their mouth and pass it to you. Now kiss while you're doing that. It makes no sense, you're all stupid homophobes who are just trying to make it into something that it is sooo ridiculously obviously not just so that you can have an outlet for your hatred. How so very, very pathetic.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dying to know one thing

With series 8 premiering tomorrow, I've done very well at avoiding spoilers. Now that I'm regenerating my blog to fit the new Doctor, I'm left with one burning question left by a screenshot from one of the trailers, or perhaps it was a promo picture, but it looks like a screencap. Here's the pic...

That looks like a regeneration happening inside Matt's Doctor's TARDIS. I don't see Clara anywhere, so are we going to see more on Trenzalore at the beginning? I hear there is a nice cameo, could it be Matt?