Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cosplay, Roundups, and Wishful Thinking

You may have seen this picture floating around, but I just had to share it cuz it's such an awesome design. I guess now we don't say costume anymore, it has been traded in for the younger, edgier "cosplay". I just had to share it so maybe more people can see what a great job she did.

I have absolutely no idea if anyone notices, but just in case someone has my url written down or saved, I have gone back to my domain name, essentially dropping the "blogspot" from the addy, leaving it simply I don't know why I changed and I hope this doesn't mess with anyone.

I just recently discovered the BBC America website's confusingly titled "Doctor Who's Day Roundup" , presented by Anglophenia. It is not a daily roundup but the day they do the roundup, which is every Tuesday, rounding up the week. Nit picking aside they post some great things. They're one of the places that posted this picture. But they also include links to some fun articles and Doctor Who lists. The roundup I linked for you includes videos of Karen Gillan on American talk show The Late Late show w/Craig Ferguson, behind the scenes of "Journey to the centre of the TARDIS", clips from "The Crimson Horror", and more. There is a list of top TARDIS moments and a really great list of 25 Who stories they feel didn't get enough credit. It covers the entire show, and even if you don't agree it's a fun read. There's more so go check them out. I also linked the 25 stories article if you just wanted to read that.

I'm working on getting it together to do my own roundups of the things that really interested me during the week, but until then I will share sites who do. We have 3 more episodes this series. Trying to add up all the clues and incidental occurrences with Clara, I'm not much further along with any theories. I am certain her reading the name in the book is going to come into play, even if now it's like it didn't happen. And I have been sort of watching episodes as my niece is working her way through the show for the first time (so proud) and last night was "The Doctor's Daughter". Jenna-Louise said Steven Moffat was bringing out plot points he laid years ago. What if one of those were Jenny. Moff said something about the finale changing the course of Who forever. I'm purposely ignoring the issue of his name.

That takes me back to a theory I read saying Clara is a future incarnation of The Doctor, leading him to his regeneration. Perhaps just calling to him. I can't really believe they would do that again ("Logopolis"). But what if they did and Jenna-Louise wanted to leave after next year. I'm still going to hold onto my idea that Clara is somehow The Doctor's granddaughter, Susan, or her descendant, WHO I JUST REALIZED WOULD BE PART HUMAN, because Susan stayed behind on Earth after falling in love. Well, The Doctor left her there. There may be something there? I need to go process.

Okay, until the next post.

And we have 2days 22hours 58minutes 46seconds until "The Crimson Horror"

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