Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dissecting The Special Trailer

So remember when I said a few minutes ago that I could hardly wait for the dissection of the trailer? Yeah, that didn't take long. I selected these images to show and point out some of the things that may have flown by too fast for you to notice.

The trailer begins in black and white, but quickly switches in an explosion of color that also brings elements of The Doctor's timeline. In the 2nd pic you can see Matt Smith's fez and the reboot's original sonic screwdriver. There is alos a mask I recognize but can't quite place yet.

Look close in this pic and you can see the modern TARDIS key as well as the Timelord chameleon arch fob watch. There is a blast coming from a Dalek that has shot a U.N.I.T. soldier you see off to the left. 

Quite an effective color reconstruiction of the first Doctor.

The second Doctor playing his recorder, with what I think is  fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver.

Excellent representation of Tom Baker's Doctor with the floating jelly babies.

This is an awesome shot of a young Sarah-Jane watching the third Doctor battle The Master inside his TARDIS. The background is of London with Daleks and 80's Cybermen.

The image of Sarah-Jane turns into Clara, with Sarah-Jane as the reflection in the globe. Clara's leaf floats behind her. I find this interesting, especially with Clara being named after Elisabeth Sladen.

Here they scrunched in the fifth, sixth, ninth and tenth Doctors. I'm thinking that's Davros shooting lightning bolts.

As the shot turns you also see an Auton, an Ood, a Dalek and Rose Tyler. Also you begin to see the eighth Doctor.

I don't know what to make of the figure approaching the tenth Doctor. It doesn't look like an Auton. But there's Bessie :)


They pass ten and show Doctor eleven on a stone tower with a Gallifreyan symbol on it. Is that the tower of Rassilon off to the right? The golden gate bridge is off the the left, San Francisco being the setting for the eighth Doctor's lone adventure.

As the debris still floats around you see elevens sonic screwdriver, The Master's laser screwdriver and the sonic pen from "Partners In Crime."

Matt grabs his sonic and goes into action...

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