Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Previewing The Time Of The Doctor

We got the first trailer today. It's short but interesting.

In it we can hear Clara narrate: "And now its time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven's hour is over now. The clock is striking twelve's."

The mysterious woman says, "The siege of Trenzalore has begun." and "The Timelord has entered the trap."

Clara begs someone to help The Doctor change the future.

A Dalek bleats, "The Doctor is regenerating."

Here are some of the images I found interesting. First the mysterious woman, Tasha Lem. I don't know where the name comes in, but we've been told she is someone from The Doctor's past. By the look of her, and how she has taken charge of this army, it really looks to me like it might be The Rani, the evil Timelady we last saw in "Time and The Rani." Which is good, and a regeneration episode, but not as good as "The Mark of The Rani." IMHO.

And given the other images we have seen, I wonder where this is...

Looks like The Doctor is legend on Trenzalore, but is this before or after whatever happens happens?

I was wondering what this huge Dalek gun was sticking out from the one on the left, but when looking at the second picture, it looks like it might have been attached to that tank.

Speaking of the Daleks, look in the first photo, has The Doctor become King of the Daleks? In the second pic I find the painting with a Silence in it interesting. Looks like it might be Timelord art.

Here are three of our villains. Quite a spooky image of the angel. The Silence appears to be singing a power ballad. I love the look of the wooden Cyberman. It's been put out there that they upgraded when they found out the sonic screwdriver doesn't do wood. (He has GOT to fix that) I think it could be that or to do with the gold allergy they used to have, which was brought up in "The Nightmare In Silver."

Lastly I'll share more proof of The Doctor's legend on Trenzalore. How these children would know all of these things to draw I have no idea. Mostly the images are familiar, but there are a couple I question.

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