Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Time Lord Life

We almost had news today, if you believe author Stephen Hunt, who was supposed to have said that during the rehearsals for the BBC Proms, the staff was told that the new Doctor would be revealed either by name or appearance. This did not happen. I am still trying to get a hold of copies of the proms, I enjoy the Doctor Who concerts they put on.

In Entertainment Weekly, Steven Moffat said that they have known for most of the time how long Matt would be The Doctor. He also said that the regeneration will happen at the END of the Christmas special, so there goes the theory of him leaving at the end of the 50th or beginning of Christmas. While still being hesitant about the length of the 50th, he did call it movie length.

Other than that I haven't heard much, so I thought I'd share a different way to experience the Doctor Who world. Second Life is like other social networks, except you pretend to be someone else. Oh wait, it is just like other social networks. It's quite addictive and a bit maddening at times. You have everything you have from social network like chatting and meeting up, but in a virtual world with an avatar you create. Of course there is also the mix of horny young boys, horny middle eastern men, horny european men, well from everywhere really. Not everyone admits to roleplaying on there, but I got news for you, by being on there you are role playing. They have a huge amount of people roleplaying as vampires, but there are Doctor Who ones as well. It's mostly a popping up here and there in your TARDIS, maybe with a companion, but there are some places to play with others, I just haven't gotten that far yet. I've only been on for less than 2 weeks and I just got my TARDIS constructed, but still working out some flight bugs.

These are pictures from my TARDIS and garden, where I have some Who artifacts. I am playing as a Time Lady. I am locked from changing my name until later tonight for some reason, but am choosing the Timelord name, The Muse. I chose a different capsule than a police box, since this is my TARDIS, but I think I chose well. I am using a console room that was a concept design from when Matt Smith first started. I have a combination of styles and everything will probably change at some point. These first pics are my TARDIS materializing when I summon it. I love the Gallifreyan design and you can see when it is open into the console room. Click on all the pics to see them larger, per usual.

Next is the console room. The large scanner isn't working right now, one of my issues. They do have good support. I don't think I can change the inside of the door from the police box, but it doesn't bother me if I can't. Stairs go down around either side and there is a room underneath I an using as a sitting room. opposite that room is the door to the corridors. The last couple of pics are from earlier when I had the large scanner working momentarily.

This is the sitting view. It can be changed to match the black and white console room above, but I liked the wooden look. I have placed the harp of Rassilon and subsequent painting at the fireplace. These were seen in "The Five Doctors."

I used the corridors from "The Doctor's Wife." In the junction I have Gadget, the robot from "The Waters of Mars." One direction goes to my black and blue classic style bedroom, the other I have set up with a crack in time that is being used to access my garden.

My bedroom is next. It was empty and I could've used it for anything. You can change the wall color and roundel color. I hung a cool animated wall aquarium in there.

I've got a lot of work to do in the garden, but these are some things I have there. From the classic series I have the zero room complex. It works well outside with it's open courtyard feel before entering the actual zero room. You can change the colors here too. In the zero room there is a pose ball, they are things you find in pools and dance clubs that animate you to fit the surroundings, like dancing, sitting or swimming. There is one in the zero room that you can use to levitate/meditate like The Doctor. I'm using it in the last pic.

Then here are a few fun things I have in my garden. I have the hot air balloon TARDIS Jackson had when he thought he was The Doctor in "The Next Doctor." I think it can fly but haven't tried, there's a pose ball inside. Inside a space simulator room I placed the untempered schizm, seen in "The Last of The Timelords" and "The End of Time" when The Master and all Timelord children were brought before the tear in the fabric of time. On another side I have the Pandorica, which actually opens with a seat inside. I think you can trap someone in there, but haven't tried yet. Next to it are some stone Daleks like in "The Big Bang." You can also see in that picture the crack and the gate I secured to return to the TARDIS corridor.

If you're looking for a new way to have fun with Doctor Who come and join me on Second Life. It isn't like an MMO game, but the term second life is a pretty good expression of the experience. Once I get into any roleplaying areas I will let you know how things go in that area. Until then I am enjoying having a TARDIS and meeting people as a Time Lady. There is lots to explore, so hopefully I won't get bored anytime soon.

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