Monday, July 22, 2013

Return to the Daleks

From the promotional images just released and the trailer shown at Comic Con it looks like we take a trip back to the time war in the 50th anniversary special. You can see the Daleks in the midst of battle, Gallifreyan symbols in the background. In true Dalek fashion they have managed to destroy while keeping a smooth path to travel through the rubble. I'm not going to transcribe the trailer they showed, but it sounds like there are some good shots of David Tennant's and Matt Smith's Doctors together as well as with the 'other' Doctor, John Hurt. It was an exclusive for Comic Con, and from what I understand, Steven Moffat once again asked people not to leak it. The time war aspect could always be as insignificant as the Cybermen appearance in "The Wedding of River Song," but it would be nice to see what happened finally.

Fingers crossed that the BBC will release a trailer soon that we can see. OH, and I almost forgot... It will be 75 minutes long. Just because something may be 'technically' movie length doesn't make it okay to promise movie length, but thank you for extending it as much as you did. Now the images...

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