Tuesday, September 10, 2013

50th Title Revealed, Christmas Filming & The Doctor Speaks

The BBC have finally announced the title AND length of the 50th special. "The Day of The Doctor" is what it's called. As I said before, I feel it's a stretch for them to call the 75 minutes "feature length." But a 75 minute episode sounds awesome! I'm sure it will be epic, how could they slack off at this point? Jenna Coleman has called it game changing, or something similar. Come on, it's a multi-Doctor story, so it's already ahead of the game.

John Hurt wad some nice things to say about his experience filming the 50th. In an interview with The Guardian, he said, "Of course you have to remember that the Doctors are all one person, so I'm not outside of that. I can't talk about it but I will say I was really impressed when I did it. Both the previous Doctors - Matt Smith and David Tennant - Whoa-whee! They are so quick, and there's a huge amount of learning and no time to learn it in. All that fake scientific nonsense. Terribly difficult to learn." He amusingly went on to mention how he had thought the fans would be loonies, but actually finds them charming.  Just about 73 days left. Man I thought that number would never get under 100. I am just hoping there is going to be some announcement soon about more live screenings of it in theaters other than the one in Leeds they already mentioned.


And as you can see, Matt Smith's final episode will have him sporting a wig. Albeit a good looking wig from the pictures. These are some of the pictures that have come in that I liked. Please go to the Twitter page at the links provided to see many more of their pictures.



And the ones I enjoyed the most came from @ClaraRYCBAR

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