Sunday, August 4, 2013

The New Doctor Is Announced

Today at 2pm Eastern time on BBC and here in America on BBC America they have announced in a live event who the next Doctor is going to be. There were old characters on hand or on video, including former Doctors, to speculate and ponder the past and future of the show. Even Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox weighed in. Hawking actually is in favor of a female Doctor with a male companion, lol. Also on hand was the actor himself. After so much speculation, guesswork, red herrings, and absolute rubbish guesses, we know now that the role will be taken over by Peter Capaldi!! We last saw him brilliantly portraying a troubled civil servant in Torchwood series three, but he also played Caecilius in "The Fires of Pompeii" so they have gone with an older actor and based on his work I've seen already I am pleased with this!! He has also done great work on The Hour and many  other dramas and I think a mature Doctor is a welcome return. And we have the 2nd time an actor plays The Doctor having been in the show previously. Colin Baker played Gallifreyan guard Maxil in "Arc of Infinity" before going on to play the 6th Doctor.

Here is the first promo pic released and a shot of him in Torchwood and Pompeii.

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