Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who News and Finale Spoilers!

First of all congratulations to Doctor Who for getting specially honored tomorrow night at the BAFTA's. I read it will include a video montage and include Daleks on the red carpet.

Now concerning "The Name of The Doctor" I have a couple of spoilers. Doctor Who Magazine is saying that in the finale we are getting a POST library river Song. VERY interesting.

"Nightmare In Silver was good, but I didn't get to see it all yet. But I did see the next time trailer for the finale, and it looks good. But even better is the TV trailer the BBC released. Watch it, and listen, it's pretty enlightening....

Also they released about a 4 minute prequel for "The Name of The Doctor" called "She said, He said."

I'll be back next with my review of "Nightmare In Silver" 
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