Monday, June 3, 2013

Doctor Who 2014

Look at how young Matt looks in this picture, one of the first taken after announcing he would take over from David Tennant. He doesn't even look like The Doctor yet. Soon we will have another such picture, and we may not have long to wait to find out who will replace Matt Smith as The Doctor. In This Radio Times Interview, they give us hope that we could hear as early as next month. This would fall in line with them beginning the filming of the Christmas special. Keeping Clara's appearance in "The Asylum of the Daleks"  a secret was one thing, but who the next Who is? That would be more difficult. At most we would have to wait until the Fall, when they will start filming season 8. I agree that it's more likely we will find out by the time they start filming for Christmas.

Speaking of season 8, another bit of good news seems to be the word that there will be one entire season, not split, but I am seeing a 12 episode run with the Christmas special following as the finale. That would be something different, which is what Moff said he wanted to do. It would also insinuate that the season would not begin until the Fall, around September if there was no break before the Christmas special. Still, better than those damn split seasons. One full season gives me hope that Clara will be in the entire thing. I like her, and I also love when a companion goes through his regeneration and continues traveling with him. In the Radio Times article, they were also told by a BBC source that Steven Moffat will still be showrunner for season 8. Personally I am happy with this. I love Moff's writing and am generally pleased with the direction the show has taken. I also believe he has assembled a very talented team, who all work to create the show. I know he will leave soon, but thankfully it won't be both he and Matt at the same time, if the source is to be believed. Radio Times are pretty reliable, right?

One last thing here. WOW is everyone talking female Doctor. I don't know how much of it is wanting it to happen or just the fun of speculating on who it could be. I have seen some interesting names, but right now the only one I truly love is Olivia Coleman. She really does have it all. The drama, the humor, the almost alieny look. (adorably so) I've said I would be okay with a female Doctor. Actually, depending on who it was, I would still watch but reserve being okay with it until watching. But for sake of argument, let's say Olivia got it, I would be okay with that, but what I don't want is for them to do it just for the sake of doing it. Just like making him a different race. The racist issue is silly. I believe if they find the right person no matter what race they would choose him/her, as long as (s)he's BRITISH.

Has anyone put out the name of Mark Shepherd? I know he does work on Supernatural, but I would love to see him as The Doctor. I also like the idea of Simon Pegg. I thought when Tennant left that he would be good in the role. Call me crazy but I like Daniel Radcliffe for the role. I don't know how it would work with Sherlock, but Andrew Scott would be great, IMHO. Oh, and speaking of Harry Potter people, what about Matthew Lewis? Really, I could go on and on like so many are doing, but what I really hope deep down is that once again it is a relative unknown.

UPDATE: I am seeing news supporting the 12 episode Fall run with the 13th episode being the Christmas special finale. There are also rumors that Ben Daniels may have already been signed as The Doctor. I reported him yesterday as having the highest odds on SkyBet. I loved him in Law & Order U.K. most recently. I love the idea but am a bit surprised if it is true since it would age The Doctor's appearance.

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