Friday, November 8, 2013

Are You Ready? Updated With New Trailer

While I've been doing my Christmas decorating the news tidbits have been coming in. And now we have a trailer finally!! See the new trailer here and check out the HD images.  (UPDATE: They removed the first trailer but here is the 50th special trailer, the first trailer and click the previous link to the new extended 2nd trailer, indeed it appears to be the one from Comic


We also know the time of broadcast, which I suspected when I got my tickets to the 3D cinema simulcast!! "The Day Of The Doctor" will air at 7:50 pm GMT, which for me in the eastern U.S. is 2:50 pm. I'm afraid to start thinking about what time I need to get to the theater.

BBCAmerica has posted their schedule for the week leading up to the 50th. Along with marathons of each of the contemporary Doctors, we get to see The Science of Doctor Who with Brian Cox, An Adventure in Time and Space, and both Matt Smith and David Tennant on Graham Norton. The next day will be Matt's Doctor's revisited and my big weekend will extend to Monday when I have a ticket to the extra showing of "The Day of The Doctor" in 3D. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the little something we will get for Children In Need on the 15th. I also hear there is another trailer, possibly the Comic Con one, coming as well. I hope my DVR doesn't overflow, because I plan a 2 week Who takeover of my broadcasting, which will include giving you a review of the Big Finish audio drama "The Light at the End."

I do have to wonder, despite interviews where they mention the fun of working together, what Billie Piper's role is in the 50th. The absence of many filming pics made me suspicious, and the obvious appearance of "Bad Wolf" Rose in the trailer makes me wonder more. Hopefully we are getting both.

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