Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th Doctor Who!

The day is upon us. Happy anniversary Doctor Who. He was my raggedy man in the 70's, and he came back for all of us. I watched Adventured in Space and Time and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I love Mark Gatiss for it. I have gone on a journey this year through all of the Doctors, leading to an intense marathon this week of the modern series. Tomorrow morning my niece and her husband will come over. She used to watch with me when I was a teen and she was 8. I have recently reintroduced her, quite successfully, to the new version. We are going to watch The Name of The Doctor and the first, the original, An Unearthly Child.

We are the blessed. After that we head off to the cinema to watch in 3D glory. I don't know how I'm going to get to sleep. I'm wearing my T shirt that says You Never Forget Your First Doctor. To tie in with that idea I will wear my replica Tom Baker series 18 burgundy scarf, but not the one that's currently for sale. Over 30 years ago I approximated the colors and pattern of the scarf and begged my mother to crochet it for me. It look fantastic, not to toot my mom's horn. Best part is, instead of the 13 feet of the one for sale, this one is 18 feet! I didn't want it to just wrap around the neck, but hang down like his did. As a bit of bling I'll wear my TARDIS key. The best thing of all is my permanent accessory, my TARDIS tattoo. I've never been around other fans since I got it, other than friends.

So WTF am I doing still writing this?
I need to get to bed so tomorrow can begin!
I'll leave you with this darling 50th birthday cartoon
I can just hear John Hurt delivering his line while smacking on cake

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