Thursday, November 28, 2013

Doctor Who: My 50th Anniversary Roundup

So I don't know much about per screen sales, and have seen different numbers, a problem common when looking for information on different sites. I try my hardest not to just make up what I think they are saying and will say when I just don't know. What I do know is that after you factor in the 7pm airing on the 23rd, the special had 3.6 million viewers on BBC America. This sure doesn't seem like a high number to me, even though it broke a record for them. I just think we need to work harder at getting more Whovians. It set a Guinness world record for largest simulcast of a drama. Funny little awards they give. The word is that it had a higher per screen amount than even Catching Fire, but one site said per theater, so I'm not sure where the nugget of truth is there. I did see it was the #2 'movie' on Monday in America. All great and it's nice to have validation but puhleeze don't rush into a movie franchise. I'd be perfectly happy if it didn't move in that direction at all.

As far as "The Day of The Doctor" itself, I loved it. From the way it opened to the story to Billie Piper being The Moment/Rose/Bad Wolf. John Hurt was amazing and as predicted stole many scenes. "Am I having a mid-life crisis?", "Timey wimey?!?", "Are you capable of speaking without flapping your hands about?" Doctor gold I tells ya. Yes, the treaty with the Zygons manifested a bit quickly, but right now I love Steven Moffat for bringing back Gallifrey, my one beef with RTD. The little nods here and there to the past were well appreciated. Multiple TARDISES, great battle scenes, a winding storyline, a moving final moment and every Doctor. What more could you want? I'll tell you what more. Tom Baker as the curator, that's what. A very poignant moment for me. It was well worth the wait Tom. Shh.

More great pics I found from the special at the end.

One of the real gems of the 50th week was the movie Mark Gatiss made, "An Adventure In Space and Time." Better than a behind the scenes special, you got to see what it was like working on set in 1963-1966. You see the first ideas and the first designs. You also see behind the man behind the man, and delve a little into what it was like being Doctor Who, and indeed being William Hartnell. It was funny too, a bit sad and quite fun. A little bit delightful in fact. Check it out. Spot the cameos :)

Big Finish, who produce most excellent audiodramas, did a whopper for the 50th. An 8, yes EIGHT, Doctor multi Doctor tale that captured my attention and didn't let go. Read my spoiler free review here on my classic page.

By far my favorite thing besides the actual special was a 30 minute film offered on BBC's red button, which frankly I know nothing about. "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot" was written and directed by 5th Doctor, Peter Davison. It's the hilarious tale of former Doctors from the 80's trying desperately to be in the 50th special.

The actors poke great fun at themselves as they scramble to be noticed by the likes of Moffat himself. There are cameos from old and new companions and even a star and director from a major Hollywood film franchise a certain Doctor can't help but keep mentioning he's in. Colin Baker trying to get his family to watch his old episodes, Doctors as Daleks and REALLY outing John Barrowman. I'll state again here that this is a perfect companion piece to the 50th special and it would be a shame if it weren't included on the release.

One thing I almost missed out on was the 2 hour show, "Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide" but I'm glad I didn't miss it. It was the most entertaining of all the 'looking back' specials I saw. It had humor and great guests and really did a good job aiming for that ultimate guide title they claimed. If you can find a copy I suggest it, but it didn't air in America.

The single best event was the theater experience. It was probably a combination of actually being in a theater watching Doctor Who on the big screen after watching for over 30 years, it being the 50th anniversary, it being in 3D and being in a room filled with Whovians. It was a day of big feels.

So now what? Exhale first. Relax. The marathons are over. Then it hits me, only 27 days to Christmas. "The Time of The Doctor" is coming. To prepare I have pulled out all the regeneration episodes and then will alternate them with all the Christmas episodes. That's just how I roll. I did finally get the last of the 11 short stories they released. That's the last 50th thing to cross off my list as soon as I read them. It'll be interesting to see what info about Christmas comes out in the next couple of weeks, which reminds me, if you don't like spoilers, don't read my next post.

These are some nice pics I found from "The Day of The Doctor"

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