Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News roundup, Figures, Pics, Spoiler Quotes and More *UPDATE*

While i finish up "The Crimson Horror" review, here are some other things to ponder. First is a new clip from "Nightmare in Silver" which ends interestingly. When they show the sky pay attention to what's on the right side.

In Who news.... The filming wrapped up for the 50th special. I figured they should be done soon. We saw some interesting things, but so much was filmed on private property. We didn't see much of Billie and David in the pictures I saw. Speaking of David Tennant, he was just nominated for a daytime Emmy award for his voice acting on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" animated series. Congrats to David!!

The replacement for executive producer, Caroline Skinner, has been announced to be Brian Minchin. I don't know his name, but he has been working in BBC Wales Drama for years in various roles on projects such as The Sarah-Jane Adventures, Torchwood, Being Human, Wizards v. Aliens, and most recently the Toby Whithouse spy thriller, The Game. Welcome aboard, Brian. And in the words of the immortal Rupaul, "Don't fuck it up".

More viewing figures are in. "Cold War" finished with 7.37 million. "Hide" was just at 6.61, which is still not bad and kept them in the top 20 programs of the week. "The Crimson Horror" was down again in overnight figures, at just 4.61 million. The Appreciation Index was a respectable 85, though. I don't fully understand the AI, but I am told it is a measure of the audiences enjoyment, out of 100, and is collected from a select panel of about 5,000.

Some Updates on Previous Episodes.... I noticed a few things in "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS", but forgot to share them. First is the sonic screwdriver and new color settings. When they were on their way to the centre, the light was white. When he was scanning Tricky, it was blue. It also took me a couple of viewings to catch the point of The Doctor putting his face in his hand and realizing that would turn him into that creature, so that means in that future The Doctor was also going to die. In the beginning of the episode The Doctor uttered a word i don't think I've ever in the whole show heard him say, but that doesn't mean he hasn't. When he realized Clara was still in the TARDIS he said, "Damnit". One last thing, the magnifying glass  Clara found was also in "The Unicorn and the Wasp" when Donna was investigating the house.

Picture Comment... Look at these pictures from "Nightmare in Silver". In the one shot there is a division behind the two. On the left it looks like possibly Gallifreyan writing and the right side was more electric or mathematical even. In the close up I have no idea what's happening behind them, but what is even behind there being two Doctors? Perhaps somehow tied in with some of the spoilers below?

Okay, look at the next couple of pictures. The first, looking old and worn down, is a different model than the others. I wonder what the transition will be. Also, Neil Gaiman said that an old weakness of the Cybermen would come back. Will it be their deadly aversion to gold?


I have done pretty well this series at not looking at major spoilers, but when I was looking up the AI and viewing numbers of "Hide" I accidentally saw a couple of fragments of conversation from Saturday's episode, "Nightmare in Silver". Read at your own discretion.

"Do you think the children's death will affect your relationship with Clara?"

"Allons-y! Oh you should see the state of these neurons, he's had some cowboys in here, ten complete rejects."

"There's information on Time Lords in here! Oh, this is just dreamy!"

Up next today (fingers crossed): "The Crimson Horror" review

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