Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Words for the Doctor Who Complainers


Seriously. I see you write reviews or complaints about the dialogue, the setting, the script, the effects, the direction of the show after each and every episode or series. Why are you still watching? We would all be happier without you needling at ridiculous points you feel are wrong with the show. I see you in the forums offering no support for blind statements of the shows' faults with nothing concrete to back them up as you criticize others for their enjoyment of the show. The show certainly won't miss you. Seriously, again, why are you watching? I don't watch things I don't like, but I'm just funny like that, I guess.

And don't tell me I just blindly love it no matter what happens. This is a popular argument when you have nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion. I can clearly recognize the ups and downs of the show, which are no worse with Steven Moffat. Remember having to sit through "Love & Monsters", "Fear Her", or that horrible 2 part Dalek abortion in series three? I think the show has more depth and drama than ever before. Story arcs excite me, as does the mind of Moffat. I can recognize that he isn't perfect, though. Was anyone else kind of let down by "The Wedding of River Song"? Any older fans not thrilled by The Doctor having a romance? The point is you don't see me drone on about it and use things as a reason to trash the show completely, bringing us back to the same question yet again of why the hell do you keep watching something you don't like. Pardon me if this isn't p.c., but using a term popular in my youth, it makes you look retarded.

These are people, though, that are never happy because they are always seeking perfection, and they have to deflect attention to others' faults to avoid drawing attention to their own. Some just aren't happy unless they can put someone else down for their opinions.  If you expect this show to remain the same show you are watching now, you are fooling only yourself. This show has always evolved with new actors, producers, TARDIS interiors, villains and if you don't like the way it works I guess you have one less thing in common with the millions around the world who have kept this show alive now for 50 years. I've said it before, Doctor Who isn't for everyone because it requires the use of intelligence, imagination, and attention to many details. Just because you can't keep up, comprehend, or appreciate what is happening is no reason to constantly criticize the show or the fans.

I'm behind on the new series, two episodes have already aired, but one review is done and the other I'm working on. I just HAD to get this off my chest.

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