Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Updates, Ratings, and New Images


I have a few updates about my last review, "Hide". Just a few things I noticed when I watched it with Scott. It isn't even worth adding them to the review. First of all, at the end of "The Snowmen", when we see a modern day Clara passing Victorian Clara's grave, her friend doesn't want to go though that way. Clara said that she doesn't believe in ghosts. I presumed that would be the Clara we see now, but Clara was very frightened in "Hide". It's probably nothing, but puzzling. Also, when the circle of chalk The Doctor drew disappeared, I think it was taken to form the letters of "HELP ME" that appeared on the wall. And lastly, I was wrong to let this line of dialog go by. When he had Emma hooked up with the crystal on her head and Emma asked what it does, The Doctor says, "It amplifies natural ability, like a microphone or a pooper scooper", and my ears did a double take and i giggled. Oh, I almost forgot. I heard the last name of Hilla, it sounded something like, Takoorian? Takorian? Emma was yelling it. The Doctor says it so fast.


I have no idea what's happening with the ratings. Looking at series 7 overall, going back to "Asylum of the Daleks", the series has done well in final numbers, better than the first 3 series, and pretty even with the past 2. But that could change because since Christmas, the numbers are steadily dropping. The latest episode, which I review next, only had 4.9 million overnight viewers, the lowest of the series. Even when the final numbers come in it will be one of the lowest since the show returned. It feels to me we still have the same number of people who hate it, and even more than before who love it. There are highs and lows to each series, so I guess it would be better explored in about a month when all the numbers are in.


They released new images from the upcoming episode, "The Crimson Horror".  here are a few I chose to share. Enjoy....

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