Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Roundup Of Sorts

It's been a busy time. I finished my monthly article on time and then I got an iPhone, which I've been glued to for over a week. But there is simply no excuse for not having congratulated David Tennant earlier on his Emmy award win. The win came for vocal work on the cartoon "Star Wars The Clone Wars" as Huyang. This doesn't surprise me for David has a very idiosyncratic voice. Congrats, David, on this prestigious honor.

Okay, you already know how I feel about talking about nothing when it comes to the next Doctor. I avoid the speculation because it's an infernal waste of time. So every once in a while, like today. I might bring up the names of the moment, but I'm not going to keep track of it daily. I will probably also avoid posting about what other various people (related AND unrelated to Who) think about the topic, unless it's individually interesting. One other blog even posted a post, longer than some of my reviews, about why they are not talking about it. but I can hardly post after a couple of weeks without at least mentioning it.

The main male name I still see is Dominic Cooper. I recognize his face, but have seen nothing he is in, but I will probably see the Captain America movie. I have no feelings one way or the other because I have nothing to form an opinion about. It makes me laugh because the reports change from day to day. He's interested, he's not interested, he's interested. Ugh, it all really is silly to keep on about until it is announced.

Interestingly, the female name I am now seeing at the top of the list is Sheridan Smith. I will not let our common first name sway me. I know her from Gavin & Stacey, but not from watching it. I think shes quite charming, though, but I'm still one of those that doesn't truly want a female Doctor. An interesting connection here is that Sheridan plays The Doctor's companion Lucie Miller in the Big Finish audio dramas, which are awesome. I haven't listened to any of hers, but if any of you are interested, go to the Doctor Who Big Finish Webpage because these are great productions featuring actors from the show, including the Doctors. If you've never listened to an audio drama, think listening to the tv with your eyes closed, but with dialog to express what is happening and surroundings. Next year they are going to release "The Abandoned" which is the first to be written by a former star of the show. This was penned by former fourth Doctor companion Leela, Louise Jameson.

They announced who will direct the Christmas episode, Matt Smith's last. It will be Jamie Payne, who directed "Hide." Not that I think it will be the same, but I hope you liked "Hide," I sure did, and I know a huge portion of that was the direction. He has also done work on other shows I watched and liked. The Hour, Call the Midwife, Outcasts, and Survivors. With him directing Moffat's words and Matt & Jenna's actions, I am starting to get more excited about that episode.

Another thing happening sounded silly at first but once I looked into it I liked it more. A kickstarter campaign was started, and succeeded, in raising the $33,000 to send a 1 foot scale replica of the TARDIS in the payload of rocket and getting it into low earth orbit. The thing is, it has solar power cells in the windows so the light on top works. Hypothetically, the people in the space station could look out at the right time and see a TARDIS orbiting. It also contains a camera to take shots, like we don't have enough pictures of Earth. The thing that was interesting to me is that if this is successful, they would then like to raise some $300,000 to send up a life sized replica. Just imagine, with the right telescope, on a clear night....

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