Monday, June 24, 2013

More Waiting, A Review and Matt's Goodbye Message

According to a Radio Times article (click here to read full article), we are going to have to wait until just before the filming for the Christmas special to find out who the next Doctor is. They also are not starting filming until autumn, probably August or September, followed by filming for the next season. I don't mind any of this because it is going to break up the time we are having to wait for a new episode. It just means we have to put up with so many more rumors and useless speculations.

On my Classic Who tab you will find my review for "The Mysterious Planet", which is the first of four stories in the "Trial Of A Timelord" season. It features the 6th Doctor and his companion Peri Brown, and begins the story arc of The Doctor being put on trial (again) by the Timelords for meddling in the affairs of others. With a great script from Robert Holmes, the story lays a great foundation for the other 3 stories. It also sees The Valeyard in charge of the case against The Doctor, a nemesis of sorts mentioned by The Great Intelligence in "The Name of The Doctor."

The other day in Detroit, while filming his movie, Matt Smith recorded a thank you and goodbye video for Steven Moffat, his fellow cast members, crew, and most of all to the fans. This could have been just a nice gesture done in advance on a whim, but it also fuels speculation that Matt is already done. This isn't helped by the cutting of his hair, either. If he is done, and the regeneration happens at the end of the 50th special/beginning of Christmas, the Christmas special could essentially be a 12th Doctor story, which would fall in line with December being the 12th month. They have been focusing on a Doctor each month. But what if there was also a regeneration at Christmas. Say 11 regenerates into John Hurt, who then regenerates into The Doctor for season 8. This would then put us at the point where, according to Who canon, The Doctor would be out of regenerations. Just some thoughts.

Coming up, hopefully tonight, the review of the novelette, "The Angel's Kiss."

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