Sunday, June 2, 2013

Who will it be? Off and running.

I can't remember how "plugged in" I was into the information zone when David Tennant announced he was leaving, but after Matt Smith's announement, the NEXT morning I get up and there are rumors and speculations galore. And that's all it really is, speculation, but the speculation does bring up many points about the next Doctor. How old should he be, what race, and what gender? Many wonder whether or not Steven Moffat planted a seed, or was fishing, when he asked the crowd at a convention if they would still watch if The Doctor became female. Sure, like he says, it is in Timelord lore now, but only because HE put it there. (Ok, technically Neil Gaiman, but he could've had a request) I thought it would be fun to look at the names that are floating around, and MAN are there a lot. I find it an odd thing on which to bet.

Now, all of this is totally ignoring the end of "The Name of The Doctor," when John Hurt is introduced as The Doctor. I wonder why I don't see more talking about this. Maybe he's next? I saw a speculation that at least part of season 8 would be like a time war flashback kind of thing, but I don't find that likely, especially with Clara staying. It would be interesting, though.

Some bookmakers immediately topped their lists with a new name and a repeat. Once again Russell Tovey finds himself in the rumor mill as the possible next Doctor. I like Russell, and it wouldn't be the first time The Doctor has appeared in an earlier episode. (Colin Baker as Maxil in "Arc of Infinity") I just don't like him enough to be The Doctor, and think they might go in a different direction. One possibility is that they will find a relative unknown, like almost every other Doctor has been. I like that, and whatever else they choose to do, I hope they still do that.

They could continue with the trend of decreasing the age of The Doctor. One name I'm torn about is Rupert Grint. I've never seen him act outside of Harry Potter, but I think that my hesitance and the pic I used says what I felt about his performance. But on the other hand, he's ginger. One name I'm slightly familiar with is Ben Whishaw. I only saw a little of The Wire, but thought it was good. I could see that I think. High up on one list though is Ben Daniels. It would take The Doctor a little older, but I do like that actor. But will they age him with such a new young audience?

Speaking of aging him, what about if he's a her? I'm not opposed to nor am I very thrilled at this idea. I have to accept it now that it happens to be canon, planted for this very opportunity, I'm sure. The funniest name to me is one I kind of like, and someone who I hear expressed interest before, Dame Helen Mirren. But imagine it's Helen Mirren... as Queen Elizabeth! Romana chose the body of Princess Astra to regenerate into, why not here? Or it's just an accident. The one name I do love if this idea happens is Olivia Coleman. I fell in love with her on Peep Show and am sure she would do a great job. Not an unknown in Britain, however. She's an incredible BAFTA award winning actress. That would be two firsts, I think. Another interesting name out there is Eve Best. Many Americans will know her from Nurse Jackie, but she's so much more than that role. To be honest, they could change the gender or race of The Doctor and I would continue to watch, as long as The Doctor was still British. Well, you know what I mean by that. Take these American actors' names out of the so-called running.

So speaking of changing race, there are some interesting names there, including some who have been in Doctor Who. Like Ashley Walters, who we just saw as the dominant Van Baalen brother in "Journey to the Centre of The TARDIS." I can probably see that. Idris Elba would be very good, but are they going to go younger? I'm not very familiar with Adrian Lester, but he looks a good age. Then I saw Zawe Ashton on one list, who I'm also not familiar with. It would be interesting to change both race and gender.

Various sites have various odds. Right now William Hill has Rupert Grint and Russel Tovey at 10/1, but SkyBet has Ben Daniels at 6/1 and Olivia Coleman at 25/1. There are some ridiculous names on SkyBet. Russell Brand. Zac Efron. Neil Patrick Harris (puhleeze). Also some interesting ones like Simon Pegg, David Walliams, and yes, for real, David Tennant at 33/1. A friend alerted me to this rumor of Tennant coming back. But wait, didn't he leave Who for a Hollywood career?

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