Saturday, June 1, 2013

Matt Smith's Departure Leaves Records Intact

So with Matt Smith announcing is was leaving, I had to go back and crunch the numbers. If he had stayed for season 8, he would have been The Doctor in more episodes than David Tennant. It is close, though. Including the 50th, David Tennant is in 49 episodes. I'm only counting regular full length televised episodes. Including the 50th and upcoming Christmas episodes, Matt Smith is in 45. Each increases by 2 if you include their appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Bottom line is that David Tennant will still be the reigning long-running Doctor of the new show. Now, this isn't too fair of a comparison, but 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, was in 175 episodes. In all cases I include their appearance at the end of the regeneration, or the beginning of the next episode as in the 4th Doctor's case. I did not include "Shada" since it was not televised and I included "The Five Doctors" which was the same footage anyway. At that amount it hardly makes a difference.

Then I got to thinking about the companion in the most episodes. I knew it was either Rose or Amy. Amy was in 33 episodes. I'm not counting Karen Gillan in "The Fires of Pompeii." With Rose, even if you don't count the two flashes on screen in "The Poison Sky" and "Midnight" but include the last 3 episodes of that season as well as "Partners In Crime" and "The End of Time Part 2" and the upcoming 50th special, Rose has 33. They are neck and neck, but technically Rose has those extra 2 appearances. Without examining every single companion, I think I can confidently say that Sarah Jane holds the record at 84 episodes, and that doesn't even include either K9 and Company or The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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